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Groupe KleinCity

Approved by Health Canada

Cleaning. Sanitizing. Disinfecting. Concrete coatings.

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Group KleinCity is who you call for all your surface cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting,  and concrete coating needs.

Concrete coatings
Concrete coatings

Our exclusive products and technologies bring back the shine on outdoor surfaces and get rid of harmful fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses in public, private, and industrial spaces.

Plus we can treat concrete floors with an epoxy-based product made right here in Quebec. All our products are eco-friendly, so they’re safe for people and the environment.




Preventing the spread of the coronavirus is of the utmost urgency

According to the World Health Organization, people can contract COVID-19 by touching objects or surfaces contaminated with the coronavirus. Decontaminating high-risk areas such as office buildings, shopping centers, ferries, and airports is essential.

At Group KLEINCITY we’ve developed our own specialized line of highly effective disinfectant products. We use cutting-edge electrostatic technology for the ultimate clean.

Our eco-friendly products are approved by Health Canada and are safe for the environment. We can disinfect any indoor space with zero risk for the people who live or work there.


Treatment protocols in line with government standards

KLEINCITY has developed an emergency response protocol that fully complies with government health standards and includes special treatments to stop the spread of bacteria.

Our technicians are trained to disinfect all types of surfaces and any objects that may have been contaminated. Our teams are always standing by, ready to spring into action whenever and wherever you need them.




A service plan designed for you

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Quebec government has identified essential organizations that will be able to continue operations while restrictions are imposed on the public and private sectors.

If you own or manage a building that holds an essential organization, we can help.

KLEINCITY’s disinfecting service swiftly and thoroughly eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses. Depending on the building’s traffic and clientele, KLEINCITY’s experts will tailor their services to your needs and set up a schedule of visits to keep the building free from infection.

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About us

About us

We specialize in deep cleaning and disinfection services with a personal touch.

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Group KleinCity

The German word KLEIN means small. We work hard to provide that small-town, “everyone knows your name” service.

People are why we do what we do. They are both the ones who benefit from our services and the source of the problem in the first place, especially in high-traffic urban settings. Human activity has a huge impact on any place where people gather, whether public or private. At KLEINCITY we isolate each area we need to clean and approach it with great care, both on the macro and the micro levels.

The word KLEIN also refers to a German concept of entrepreneurship combining solidarity, quality, discipline, efficiency, and purposeful work. And GROUP in the name refers to both the partners and the community, working together to improve quality of life and safety for everyone.

Our logo

The monogram GK is simple and elegant. Its shape evokes the circular flow and the spraying action of the fogger. The arrows converge at the center to illustrate the battle to eliminate dangerous elements.

The design is sober, structured, and sound. Sky blue evokes the healthy, clean environment we want, and charcoal is known for its filtration and neutralizing power.

The logo has a reassuringly scientific air while still being accessible and friendly.



A turnkey business opportunity offering immediate returns

No financial risk and unmatched profitability
—that’s the KleinCity business model!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a business fast? Group KleinCity has developed a simple business model with a ton of development potential. It’s designed so you can:

  • Get up and running in less than three weeks with a flexible structure and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Pay back your initial investment within 18 months maximum

Plus you’ll also get:

  • Startup assistance

    Benefit from on-site support during startup
  • Training

    Receive training through a professional development program on sales techniques and sanitation technology
  • Marketing

    Take advantage of promotional campaigns and literature as well as simple and efficient administration
  • Business potential

    Generate high profits while paying competitive salaries
  • Business system

    Use a business system that really delivers, streamlining quotes, telemarketing, and more.
To learn all about the terms and benefits of becoming a franchisee, please fill out the contact form.